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How Online Reviews Influence Doctor Reputation

All Healthcare professionals realize the importance of online reviews. These reviews, generally posted by strangers, can give your practice’s online reputation a considerable lift, or they can hurt your image so much that you may need to spend weeks trying to fix the damage.

Review sites made it extremely easy to share your opinion on the Internet, and most patients do it when they are either incredibly happy or utterly disappointed with the services that were provided (or lack thereof). Since reviews are taken so seriously, it is crucial to take them seriously and act appropriately if you see something negative.

In fact, paying attention to online reviews is an essential part of maintaining your online reputation. Because there are so many moving parts, healthcare practitioners can feel overwhelmed. But with a clear plan and systematized approach, anyone can succeed in the maintenance of online reviews.

Here are a few questions you be asking yourself:

Every doctor’s goal is to achieve a sustained five-star rating. Your online ratings and reviews are a significant factor in whether or not prospective patients will choose your practice over your competition. Believe it or not, having no stars is just as bad as having one star. If no one is willing to write you a review, no one will be willing to take a chance by coming to your practice. They’ll just go somewhere that people were happy with.

Still not convinced?

Here are some surprising statistics gleaned from a study done by Invespro:

Another few things to keep in mind:

Now for the million dollar question: 

Now that I see how powerful reviews are, how can I get more patients to post positive reviews regarding my practice?

Below are 8 simple but effective ways to get reviews from your patients:​


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