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How Optometric Practices Can Dominate Local SEO

Whether you are managing a small optometric practice or running a sizable multi-disciplinary clinic with multiple locations, you can’t deny the importance of local search ranking of your optometry practice on search engines. Local SEO is critical to any practice that operates on a local level. While general SEO focuses on improving search ranking regardless of location, local SEO focuses on appearing on SERPs (search engine results pages) in a specific region or area.

According to a report, almost 35% of all search engine traffic is local.

Without local SEO, your optometric practice could be missing out on a significant amount of web traffic. By appropriately configuring your local SEO, you can expect an increase in website traffic, leads and online conversions. The reason for this is that the local SEO strategy helps connect you with your local patients. Local SEO is a focused approach that can put you on an even playing field with bigger optometric and ophthalmologic practices that have more time and money at their disposal. By appropriately executing local SEO strategies, you can offset the advantage of more prominent practices that rely on brand recognition instead of direct lead generation for bringing in more traffic.

Local SEO provides numerous benefits to your practice. The most obvious advantage is that your potential patients will be able to find your practice website quickly when performing an online search.

Here are 5 ways local SEO can help your optometric practice:

Local SEO for optometry practices is an incredibly powerful tool. New patients will always be looking for local eye-care practitioners for their services, and search engines will ensure only relevant practices are noticed on the results. So, don’t bother with Yellow Pages and start considering innovative ways to increase your online presence and promote your website to show up on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Local SEO 2019 Checklist

While every optometry practice is looking to attract more patients and to rank higher on search engines, what strategies can they implement to win in local search? The most efficient way to do so is the utilize a local SEO checklist to ensure that your online presence is optimized appropriately.


Before starting your local SEO campaign, have a look at your local search rankings. This will give you a baseline to understanding the road ahead.

Start small and keep working at it until you get your desired results with local SEO. Believe me, ranking on page 1 is undoubtedly doable, depending on how focused you are. Make sure to master the basics first and then you’ll have plenty of time to implement advanced SEO.

If you’re looking for help developing your local SEO, contact us at Eye Care Digital and we’ll get you started ASAP!

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