E-newsletters are a great way of remaining top-of-mind with your patient base

91% of smartphone users check their email at least once a day
>59% of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI.
Email has a conversion rate three times higher than social media posts

E-newsletters do an incredible job of engaging patients and creating top-of-mind awareness for you and your practice. If you’ve ever tried to produce your own optometry newsletters you know how hard they are to consistently research, write and send.

Our newsletters are written by doctors and then edited by patients to ensure that the they are interesting and relevant for everyone. We choose topics that relate to your specific specially and design them to educate patients, inspire better eye health and stimulate referrals.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Creates long-term relationships with your patients

Keeps patients educated and up to date with industry and practice-specific news

Reminds patients to make appointments

Essential Components of an Eye-Care Newsletter

  • Informative Articles
    The articles are packed with educational information in a way that will increase top-of-mind awareness about your practice.
  • Photos
    Every article is accompanied by engaging photos. Not only do esthetically pleasing pictures grab attention, they also improve communication.
  • Readability
    This is a function of sentence length, number of syllables per word and other criteria. We make sure to keep it simple, but not simplistic.
  • Provocative Subject Lines
    Using a compelling subject line is essential because the newsletter is competing with all the other emails in your patient’s inbox.
  • Easy to Share
    For best results, your optometry practice newsletter should be easy for patients to forward to a friend or post to a social media account.
  • Consistency
    Like regular regular eye exams, consistent newsletters produce the best results. Eye Care Digital takes care of researching, writing, publishing and promoting your patient newsletter for you.

Not good enough?

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