A Mission to Grow Practices

What is Eye Care Digital?

Here at Eye Care Digital, we understand that marketing isn’t your thing. Our goal is for you to spend as much time as possible dealing with what you’re best at – treating eyes! Therefore, we created a system to transfer the entire online marketing burden onto our shoulders, instead of yours.

More importantly, we realize that the ultimate goal for practices is to see more patients. Therefore, we calibrated our goals to be in line with our clients – if you don’t get new patients we don’t get paid!

Our Team:

Marketing Managers

Your digital marketing manager is responsible for developing, implementing and managing your marketing campaign. His or her role is to enhance brand awareness within the digital space as well as drive website traffic and acquiring leads/customers.

Developers and Designers

Our web developers and graphic designers work together to communicate your practice’s identity effectively. They are experts in understanding what makes your practice unique and work hard to depict your brand to your perspective patients.

Content Writers and Editors

Great content is crucial for patients to both notice and enjoy. Our content specialists have a spectacular eye for engaging topics to write or post about. We then send the articles through a rigorous process of grammatical and medical editing.